Sunday, September 14, 2008


Nicole was apprehensive, sensing that his presence was near. Her anxiety

heightened as she turned from the ship’s railing and saw a tall figure coming towards her
through the fog. She recognized his confident stride and powerful well-muscled body. As he approached, panic rose in Nicole, causing her knees to almost buckle beneath her. Travis’s strong grasp clasped her bare shoulders forcefully, pulling her close to him. Nicole struggled against him, trying to push away her desire to melt into his arms and give way to the rising passion she felt whenever he was near.
Nicole looked into Travis’s piercing blue eyes and gasped upon seeing the flames of passion and desire reflected in them. With a moan, Travis’s mouth came down possessively upon her soft yielding lips. Nicole felt her defensive walls crumble as pulsating sensations whirled in her body, igniting an all consuming desire that only he could satiate. She sighed and molded her body into his, letting go of her self control.
Travis caught her to him, holding her against his virile body and kissed her, plundering her lips until she had no will of her own. It was as if someone had lit a fire at every point they touched. Somehow her fingers were buried in his hair, feeling its crisp unruliness with the last of her reeling senses and somehow her full lips were opening under his. Her lips were smothered by his mouth and a strange lightheadedness possessed her body as waves of explicit pleasure rocked over her. The fever reached her mind and nothing mattered except her hunger for the man that held her in his arms. She became limp with desire reveling in this primitive fierceness.
Travis swiftly pulled Nicole up against his body, knowing what he desired right at that moment, unable to control the passionate side of the love he felt for her.
Her laughing ceased as she felt the muscular contours of his body interlock against the bare surfaces of her body. She gasped as she gazed into his expressive eyes
and encountered the deep passionate chemistry that flowed between them. Her arms possessed with a will of their own, slid up around his neck, enabling her to press her body even closer to his, delighting in the sensations the act was arousing within her.
With a groan, Travis brought his lips down upon her soft pink yielding mouth. An electrical charge surged through him, igniting his body to boundaries he had never approached before. His lips endlessly explored hers, tasting a sweetness, that he wanted to drown in forever.
Nicole pushed aside her fears, letting go of all her built up defenses, unable to deny that which her heart and body craved so deeply. Her head whirled as a warm tingling sensation spread to the most vulnerable areas of her body, urging her to melt her body into his, desiring to become as one with him.
His hand wandered to the bare satiny softness of her back, caressing ever so gently, causing shivers to travel up and down her spine. His kiss became more demanding, and hungry as he took in the response he body was giving him.
***This is just a sampling of what awaits you in this passion filled love story!

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